How do I delete an accidentally created visit?

If a user accidentally creates a visit or encounter note for a patient, the visit or encounter note can be deleted from the patient's visit history by admin level users.


An admin level user would do this through the manage records section of the admin menu. Search for the patient by their name or MRN.  Select the patient's name.


You'll see the patient's list of visit dates and chief complaints. Next to each visit date and chief complaint are the options to delete and unlock the chart. To delete the accidental record select delete for that visit date. The deleted record will be highlighted red. **Note: the visit will not be deleted from the EMR permanently. By clicking delete you remove it from that patient's list of visits that are viewable through their chart. ** You can undelete a visit by selecting undelete, after which the visit date will appear once more in the patient record.


Regarding the unlock feature, this is aimed at situations in which a provider might need to go back in and add visit documentation after the chart was locked. If this is the case, an admin level would come here and select unlock, to allow the provider the ability to record more information in a formerly locked visit record. 


Records that are locked will appear highlighted in yellow.

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