How do I add another user?

You can create new users and providers by going to the admin menu of your EMR.

First, select the manage users option. This will open a pop-up window that will allow you to add users or edit existing users.


Select the add user option. Fill in the new user's name. You will have to create a username and temporary password for the new user (once he or she successfully logs in for the first time, the user will be prompted to make their own password). Enter an email address for subsequent communications regarding any password resets. 

 Lastly, determine the user's access level. Depending on your clinic's preferences, some access levels can't view full charts. If you have users who are unable to view the visit information, you can grant them emergency access by checking the box next to emergency access. This will enable the user  to access patient records in the event of an emergency.*


When you're finished, select add this user. Don't forget to let the user know their login information!


*Use of emergency access is logged in the EMR so no need to worry about potential abuse. You'll be able to ensure that your patients have their privacy and your employees have the ability to access records in the case of an emergency.

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