What if I don't qualify for reimbursements?

Unfortunately, not all providers qualify for the meaningful use reimbursements. You may not treat Medicare or Medicaid patients, or you may work most of the time at a hospital and moonlight at a private practice. Or it may just not make sense for you to utilize the features of Stratus EMR that are needed to meet the meaningful use requirements.

That doesn't mean Stratus EMR won't be beneficial to you and your practice. 

We offer many features - from e-prescribing to user-friendly treatment templates to detailed reporting features - that help you treat more patients more effectively, and accurately monitor your patients and practice. We often hear reports from our users about how they can fully document a standard patient visit in about a minute. If you need to spend only a minute on documentation, think of how much more time you can spend treating patients. And all your records will be at your fingertips and searchable.

The early users of Stratus EMR started using the software without any thought of getting reimbursement to offset the cost. And they benefited greatly from the features that helped speed up documentation, track patients and get claims out quickly and accurately. 

We like to think that Stratus EMR has its own built-in incentives.

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