Meaningful use? Hogwash. It's meaningless if a computer gets between me and my patient.

Sing it loud!

We agree with you 100%. You're a doctor, not a data entry clerk. 

But we bet you also know that some tools are so beneficial it would be foolish to pass them by. 

Stratus EMR is one of those tools. We're offering you a great deal - in exchange for a minute or two in front of a computer we'll give you a searchable database containing all your patient records. That's all their allergies, all their prescriptions, all their conditions and complaints and vitals. Heck, we'll even help you track all your patients' favorite '80s sitcoms if you find that medically necessary. And your partner with the horrible handwriting? That's a thing of the past. Every record you create with Stratus EMR is fully legible.

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