Patient education printouts

Stratus EMR allows users to select and print out patient education information from the MedlinePlus database and Lexi-Patient Drug Education database. These sheets provide patient-directed information on a wide range of medical conditions, lab tests and medications. 

You can access the education material via the "Discharge" tab. When you open this tab, you will see a list of suggested education material. The suggested material is based on any diagnoses you entered, as well as the patient's medication history and conditions. If you conducted any lab tests, you may also see patient education information regarding those lab tests. If the education information you'd like to give the patient doesn't show in the suggested list, you have the option to search for it. 

To select an education sheet, click on the "select" button next to the sheet you'd like to give to the patient or click on the blue hyperlink. If clicking select, you have the option to preview the sheet by clicking on "preview." When you select the sheet, it will show up in the "selected education" section at the bottom of the "discharge" tab. 

When you click the "print discharge" button, the selected patient education sheets will print out along with any discharge information you entered in the discharge text box. 

If you accidentally selected an education sheet and would like to delete it, click in the red "X" next to the name of the sheet in the "selected education" section.

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