The StratusRx e-prescribing module can be accessed by clicking on "e-prescribe" in the H&P tab. (Note that e-prescribing is an optional module, and may not appear on your version of Stratus EMR.)

When you open the e-prescribing module, you will see information about the patient's pharmacy benefit information and medication history at the bottom of the screen. This information has been reported by the pharmacy benefit manager, and the medication list will include any medications the patient filled using their insurance. If a patient paid cash for a medication, it will not be displayed in the medication history list.

You have two options to enter a drug for e-prescribing. The simplest method is to click on the "select" button next to the medication in you favorites list. This will add the medication to the prescriptions box in the center of the page and check on the formulary information. Once the medication is selected, you have the option to change the sig information using the dropdown options. As an alternative to the dropdown options, you can enter free text by clicking on the "sig" button. 

Formulary information will be displayed on the bottom right of the screen. If a drug is off-formulary, you may be presented with a list of alternatives on the top right of the screen. To select an alternative, simply click on the "use alt." button.

If the medication you'd like to prescribe is not on your common list, you can search for it using the search box on the left side of the screen. Once the search results are returned, click on the drug name. This will give you the option to select the dose form, route and strength of the medication. After you select those options, click on the "select drug" button. The medication will be added to the prescriptions box and you can then enter or change the sig information and view the formulary information. 

After you have selected the drug and entered the sig information, you can either print the prescription by clicking on the "print" button, or send it to a pharmacy electronically. (You cannot currently send controlled substances electronically.)

To send a prescription electronically, click on the "send" button. This opens a window where you select the pharmacy the prescription is sent to. If the patient previously selected a default pharmacy, that will appear at the top of the window. Otherwise, a list of pharmacies within five miles of your clinic will appear. If the pharmacy the patient would like to go to is not displayed, you can use the search options to search by name or proximity to the clinic, patient address or a zip code. 

Select the pharmacy and click the "send to selected pharmacy" button. This will open a review window, which displays basic patient demographics, the prescription, the pharmacy it will be sent to and the prescriber. If everything looks good, click "confirm and send" and the prescription will be transmitted to the pharmacy. If you need to make changes, you can click the "go back" or "cancel" button.

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