How do I create a new patient record and update demographic info?

This article will explain the process of creating a new patient record and updating their demographic and insurance info. 


To create a new patient record, there are two options which you will find on the main screen:

-New Patient (with visit) - if you are registering a patient at the time of their first visit. This will also create a visit record.


-New Patient (without visit) - if you are pre-registering a patient in advance of their first visit. This will not create a visit record. 




For this example, let’s use New Patient (with visit). Click the appropriate button and you will see a pop up window where you can enter new patient info. Enter first name, last name and date of birth before clicking “create new record.” 

*If this is a duplicate patient record, the system will notify you and allow you to proceed to existing record or create a new record anyway.




You will now see the demographics tab for the patient, with the first name, last name and date of birth fields pre-filled with the data you just entered. 

The yellow fields signify demographics that your practice administrator has deemed required. These fields may vary from the yellow fields in the following screenshot. 




Please enter info for all required Demographics fields and any additional fields that you would like to save to the patient’s record. 

Fill in the Primary Insurance fields as well. For a shortcut, click “same as patient,” if applicable, to auto-fill/copy fields from the patient info box. 

Begin to type Insurer name and find a match in the list provided. If you don’t see the provider you are looking for, you can add that info manually. Add policy # and any other applicable info. Then click the “verify” button, which will send the info to the insurance company and within seconds you should receive confirmation of the patient’s insured status, any applicable co-pay info, etc.



You may also find it useful to add applicable main doctor info, patient notes, accounting/co-pay info, PCP, patient photo, outside counselor info and/or patient log in info at this time. 

After you have filled in all desired fields, you may click the "save & close" button in the top right corner. 




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