Why can't I type in this chart?

This article will explain locked patient charts and how to unlock them.


When you are trying to update info in a patient's record but you aren't able to type in the chart and the fields are red (as in the following example), this means that the chart is locked by another user. This could be due to another user updating the chart at the same time. Or, another user may not have properly closed the chart using the save & close button. 





Only an administrator has the capability to unlock a chart. If you are an administrator, follow the steps below. 


Please note: It is extremely important when unlocking a chart, that you confirm all other users have exited the chart. If you unlock the chart but another user is still trying to update the chart at the same time, you run the risk of losing important patient info. 




1. Once you have confirmed that all other users have exited the chart, go to the main page of your EMR interface and click on "Admin."








2. Select "unlock charts."








3. A window will pop up titled "unlock charts with user locks." Find the patient name for the chart you are attempting to unlock and hit the "unlock" button. 






When you go back into the patient's record, the fields should no longer show in red and you can proceed with updating and saving changes to the chart. 


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