Uploading scans blows up the image to a much larger size when viewed

When a user uploads a scan, but the image appears much larger than before it was uploaded, this is always an indication that the image's dimensions are larger than they appear.  Stratus EMR applies no additional processing to images when they are uploaded.

Some image-viewing programs (for example "Preview" on Mac) scale down the image to fit the screen; however, the images actual dimensions may be much larger than what appears.  In this case, the user may be able to adjust the scanner's settings to decrease the size of images that are scanned, or use an image editing program (such as "Paint") to shrink the image.

*NOTE: Shrinking the image using an editing program may affect the quality of the image.  For information about adjusting a scanner's settings, please refer to the scanner's documentation, or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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