Where do I find claims caught by a scrubber?

The scrubber report can be accessed via the billing menu. Please note that claims end up in the scrubber only if you use Stratus EMR's automated claim transmission feature. If you manually review and send claims, the scrubber information is presented at the time of sending.


There are no search parameters on this report - all held claims are displayed. 


You can open a record to fix the issue by clicking on the patient name. 


Once the issue has been addressed, click the send button to queue the claim for transmission to the insurance company. 


Please note that you can send a claim even if there is still an outstanding issue. We realize that there are cases when you need to override the scrubber information and transmit a claim that the scrubbers do not think is clean. Because of this, we give users the discretion to send claims even if the software thinks there is still an issue. 

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