How do I send claims?

There are two ways to send claims - in a batch and individually from the patient record. Here we will look at the batch claims feature.

Batch claims transmissions are accessible via the billing menu: 



When you select this option, a screen will load that allows you to select a date of service to send to the insurance company.


To preview the claims you'll be sending, enter a date of service and click the preview button.


Basic demographic and insurance information will be displayed. You'll also have the opportunity to review the codes and charges. If you'd like to change any codes, simply click on the appropriate box and enter the new code. 


You can also change the provider and select whether to send the claim under the treating provider or another provider. If your relationship with the given insurance company requires that you send the claim under a provider other than the treating provider, simply enter that provider in the "billing prov." field and check the box under the "billing prov." rather than "prov." option. The default is for the claim to be sent under the treating provider. 


Before sending a claim, you can see whether there are any issues that may block the claim from being accepted by the insurance company. You can also see the status of the claim. If a given claim has already been billed or paid, that information will show up in the "status" column.


To exclude a claim from being transmitted, uncheck the box in the "send" column for that claim line. 


If you need to make edits that are not accessible directly via this spreadsheet, you can click on a patient name to open the full record for that date of service. 


Once you've reviewed and updated the claims, click the "send claims" button at the bottom left of the screen. This will queue the claims to be sent. Stratus EMR transmits claims to a clearinghouse overnight. If you queue claims today, they will show as billed when you log in tomorrow morning. 

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