How do I stop a claim in the queue from transmitting to the insurance company?

This article will explain the procedure for canceling a claim that is currently in a queue to be sent to an insurance company.


    • Select Billing.
    • Then select Claims Report.



    • Enter the date range for the claim you are looking to cancel. Then click the Run Report button.



    • Click the arrow button next to the particular date in question and you should then see a list of all claims entered for that day.
    • If the claim has a red (Q) to the left of the patient name this means the claim is still pending transmission to the insurance company. All queued claims are sent from Stratus EMR to the insurance companies once per day. Once the claim is transmitted, the (Q) will no longer appear. 
    • If it looks like the claim has already transmitted, you must contact the insurance company directly to let them know you sent a claim in error. 



    • For the pending claim you would like to cancel, click on the (Q) next to the patient name and you will see a blue popup window asking you to confirm if you’d like to cancel processing and transmitting the claim to the patient’s insurance company.
    • To proceed with cancelling, click the Cancel Claim button. If you decide you do not want to cancel at this time, click Close. 



    • If you have cancelled the claim, the red (Q) will be removed from next to the claim and the claim will not be sent to the insurance company.


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