How do I print billing statements?

This article will explain how to view and print billing statements for your patients. 


  • From the main screen of your EMR, bring up the patient's record (you can search by name, MRN or find them in the list of current patients, if they are currently in for a visit).
  • Go to the Accounting tab
  • In the Options for DOS box (found at the bottom center of the Accounting screen), click on Print Statements.
  • You will see a blue popup box where you can select the visit dates which you would like to view/print statements for. To print one or a few different statements, put a mark in the check box next to the desired dates and then click the print selected button. If you would like to view/print all statements, you don't need to check the boxes, just click the print all button. 
  • A new page will open where you can view the requested statements. From your web browser, select the print option.
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