New Clients: How do I get started with E-Billing?


Stratus EMR offers a valuable, time-saving E-Billing option for sending and adjusting claims, and receiving reimbursements. The Clearinghouse we partner with is Office Ally. To get started, we've included an outline below of the next steps to take and additional information about the set-up process.


Please note: It is crucial that all steps listed below are completed prior to sending your first batch of claims via the EMR. If any steps are left incomplete, claims may be denied or there could be delays in receiving reimbursements. 


Step #1: 

Complete the online Office Ally enrollment form:  Provider Enrollment Form 

*This step begins the process of creating your clinic's account with the Clearinghouse.


Step #2:

Call Office Ally at (360) 975-7000 to request "SFTP credentials." Inform them that you are a new client who has recently enrolled online, that you will be using Stratus EMR and will need SFTP credentials. Office Ally will ask you the following questions. Please give the answers provided:


Q: Software Name? 

A: Stratus EMR


Q: Form type submitted (HCFA/UB/ADA/All or list which ones apply)?



Q: FTP or SFTP (if FTP, needs a PGP Key)?



Office Ally will email to you with your user name and a password in two separate emails. You will need to then forward each email to us at

*This step initiates the process of connecting your EMR account with your Office Ally account. Without this step, claims sent via the EMR won't feed to the Clearinghouse.


Step #3:

Request that Office Ally make all EOBs available in the 5010 file format. Also request that they send 277 claim status files to the SFTP account. You can make these requests at the same time you request the SFTP credentials.


Step #4:

Complete any applicable Medicare/Medicaid forms, in addition to other payor forms that are potentially required in your state: Payer Enrollment Forms

*Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and many other payers require pre-enrollment forms to be completed prior to submitting electronic claims. It is extremely important to confirm which payers you will need to submit the pre-enrollment forms for. Office Ally's Payer Enrollment Forms list includes links to payer's forms, pre-filled with the clearinghouse information, for your convenience. 


Step #5:

Complete E-remittance forms for all applicable insurance companies: Electronic Remittance / ERA / 835 Enrollment Forms

*Completion of all applicable forms will prevent delays in receiving reimbursements from the payers and/or the need to manually apply payments to your patients' records. Once your forms are accepted by Office Ally and your E-Billing is set-up with Stratus EMR, remittance from the insurance companies will be applied automatically to your patients' accounts. 


Additional Information:

Managing Fees - Upon completion of your EMR training, we will provide you with log-in credentials to the EMR. Users with an access level of "administrator" are granted access to your clinic's Fee Table (found under the Admin Menu), to which you will need to add your billing codes and associated fees.

Please see our Knowledge Base article for more information on managing your Fee Table: How do I record the billing codes I use and their associated fees?  

Sending Claims - Stratus EMR will be in contact with you throughout the set-up process. We will cover Billing as part of your EMR training and we will guide you through sending your first batch of claims as well.


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