A patient's lab results aren't showing up in their record. Where are they?

Occasionally, lab results will end up in an error bin and they need to be manually assigned to a patient record. This happens when the demographic information in the lab results doesn't match up with the patient record in Stratus EMR. 

If you're looking for missing lab results, check the "review unassigned labs" report in the "reports" menu. This will show you any lab results that came into Stratus EMR but weren't automatically matched to a patient. The report will show the test name, along with the name of the patient contained in the lab results. You can then search for this patient using the search box on the right. Once you've found the patient in the Stratus EMR, enter the MRN in the appropriate field, and click the "assign" button. This will put the results in the patient's record.

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