What causes a medium assurance level? Why didn’t the provider receive a higher assurance level?

There are many reasons why a person would not get to LOA3. Some examples of why this happens are:

  • User started registration but did not complete it all the way.
  • User was not able to answer the KBA questions correctly.
  • User gave wrong last name.
  • User gave his office address instead of the home address or the legal address that is with the public records.
  • User gave wrong 4 digits of SSN
  • User is new to the country

Common errors include:

  • Did not answer KBA (Knowledge Based Assurance) Questions
  • DBA Fail
  • NID (Discovery Check) – Addr Last Name Match Fail
  • NID (Discovery Check) – SSN Exists Fail
  • 6Yr – Professional License Search, 6Yr – Driver’s License Search – Fail
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