The provider I’m working with got a medium assurance level when registering with Verizon. How is this fixed?

You will need to provide the notarized documents to Verizon. (The Verizon website has the documents that you will need to have notarized and submitted.)

You can have the option to email, mail or fax the forms the notary documents to Verizon. Mailing these forms via registered mail has shown to be the most successful and track-able method for sending in the forms.

Once these are sent in, a high assurance level is usually given in 1-2 business days. You will be notified via email or you can login to the Verizon website to check your status. If after the 2nd day, there is no response from Verizon, please send the prescriber’s username and email address to Stratus EMR for follow-up with NewCrop Customer Support.

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