What is the Note field for on e-prescriptions?

Surescripts has specific guidelines for what the Note field should contain.  It is for information related to but not part of the prescription, and providers should reserve use of the Note field for information related to, but not part of, the prescription. For example:

  • The pharmacist to relay to the patient that lab tests are needed. 
  • The pharmacist to relay to the patient that a follow-up appointment is needed. 
  • The patient's flavoring choice 
  • Multiple packaging (e.g. split up the quantity into one for school/one for home, etc.). 
  • Reminder to suspend use of contraindicated medication until other drug therapy complete.

It should be noted that the Effective Date ("Do not fill until...") should not be placed in the Note field; rather this should be added in the "Sig" field, in order to avoid critical information being missed by the pharmacy.

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