What is the difference between "Current Rx" and "Recurring Rx" in e-prescribing?

When e-prescribing, users have two options for entering medications.  Current Rx, which allows users to enter orders from scratch and send them to the pharmacy, and Recurring Rx, which allows users to enter a medication that a patient will be needing on a regular basis.  

Once a prescription is added to Recurring Rx, a provider needs only to click on it to move it over to the Current Rx section, where they can change, sign, and send the prescription.  The Recurring Rx will be retained, so the provider can easily select it for entry again when the patient returns, saving time for the provider in entering prescriptions.

*NOTE: The Recurring Rx medications are only retained per patient; meaning that entering a Recurring RX on one patient will not carry over to other patients.

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