Can a provider use more than one method to get the OTP when sending a controlled substance?

If a provider needs to send several controlled substances for different patients (a different One-Time-Passcode is needed for each patient’s transmission) the provider can use several methods for the OTP.

For example, the provider can send one transmission using the fob/token, send the next transmission using text message and the next using the app as long as they are registered with Verizon for these methods.

If the provider has an extra cell phone, the provider can also use this phone for receiving the text message OTP by connecting the phone via Wi-Fi (after registering this phone with Verizon). In this way, the provider can use their cell phone and an extra cell phone to receive the text messages. This simply allows the provider to go between the devices without waiting for a new code to refresh,as there is a time period (60 seconds) for a new OTP to be sent to a given device.

Please also note that if the provider is using the fob/token, a double click of the button on the device allows a new code to be sent every 30 seconds, instead of the routine 60 second interval.

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