EPCS ERROR: Please enter username, password and try again


What causes this error: The provider has incorrectly entered their username and/or password.

The Fix: Correctly enter the provider's username and password.  To ensure the password is typed correctly, a provider may type it into a word program, such as Notepad, then copy and paste it into the password field (The document containing the password should NOT be saved, nor should this method be attempted if others are able to view the user's screen at the time). 

If this does not resolve the issue, confirm that the provider is able to log into their Verizon account; if not, the user has been locked out for too many incorrect password attempts, and the lock will be released after 30 minutes for the provider to try again.

*NOTE: If the provider is locked out of their Verizon account, the error will not change to reflect this.  This is for security purposes.


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